Referral Program

It is the simplest way and requires almost no time on your side. All you have to do is refer the prospect to us, we contact the prospect and if the customer buys you receive the commission.

Monthly Commissions

Receive monthly commissions during our first year of business with any contact you refer.

Partnership Support

Our Partnerships Teams will provide you with training material, marketing collateral, and will support you in identifying referral opportunities within your network.


Sales Rep Program

We train you to be able to sell more independently. We also accompany you in any stage of the sales process you need.
In this case we provide you with potential leads, sales playbook and the necessary software tools to help you in the sales process.

If we get the client, you will receive a higher commission than the referral program

Why partner with us

Simple Agreement: non-binding & with no minimum commitments.

Increase your value within your network by being associated with an industry leader in nearshore custom Software Development.



Training Material

Partnership Support

Earn Money

Excellence Record

In Vates we have 30 years of experience in the software industry and we offer dedicated IT teams. We select the top 10% of developers to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the projects.

30+ Experience Years

115+ Happy Clients in 2020

515+ Team Experts

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